While feels like an eternity ago, our founder, Sean, engaged a consulting company about a year and a half ago to help develop our plan. Jim, Patrick, Joel, Paul and Steve were a huge help. Some events, though, stand out more than others.

Joel’s expertise is market analysis. He had been a long-time big beer corporate guy. When he not running to support his occupational high-caloric intake or on a long road trip on his motorcycle, he spends his time analyzing markets for clients, many of which are aspiring craft breweries. Joel was very impressed with the Northern Virginia area.

During the summer of 2014, Sean and Joel spent a fair amount of time together travelling around Virginia and D.C. They covered a lot of ground. Two events, though, stood out.

On one of those hot summer days, Sean and Joel were travelling south on Route I-81 to visit with a few breweries. During a lull, Sean broke the silence and asked Joel what he thought of the name Mustang Sally Brewing Company. It was the first time that Sean had mentioned the name to Joel.

Joel held up a finger and said, “give me a second.” It was a long second before he said, “I’m 80/20, no 90/10.” He listed off the pros, the 90, and then said, “but there’s a fine line between fun and irreverent. If you’re serious about running an awesome (Joel’s Canadian) business without the gratuitous irreverence, then I like it” (Joel was a little more colorful when he described what he meant by irreverent). That’s the moment that the company was named.

Sean and Joel got a lot done that summer. On the last of those hot summer days, though, Joel threw out a curve ball – “Love [it actually sounded like ‘loove’ – remember, Joel’s Canadian] the plan, Sean. You should be able to get launched quickly, maybe even by April 2016.” That was the summer of 2014! That’s the moment when the company’s launch kicked into high gear.

A lot has happened since that summer. We’ve formed a great team, have a great place and kind of a purest philosophy of brewing. I look forward to telling you more.

– M. Sally