The initial MSB team formed quite a while ago, but it wasn’t until the Fall of 2015 that the small initial team was able to sit at a table together within the walls of the Brewery. It was long overdue by that point and just a great feeling. We had an agenda, but the discussion was free-form, fast and nimble. It also included a confession – that’s where the mystery of Rosebud comes in.

Our Head of Operations is an individual that shall currently remain anonymous … but not for long. He’s a very seasoned pro in the local beer market and was the Head Brewer of a large local brewery a while back. He got his start as a graduate of the Siebel Institute’s International Diploma in Brewing Technology Program.

Until our Head of Operations makes the formal switch over to MSB, we’ve taken care to keep his anonymity so we don’t cause any disruptions for anyone. In a text one day, Bret told Sean that referring to the anonymous guy as the Head of Operations was a little cumbersome. A few moments later, Bret proposed the code name Rosebud. It stuck. Bret and Sean used the name Rosebud for a couple of months before that first meeting in the Brewery. Rosebud’s a pretty big guy, but he’s obviously got a good sense of humor. We’re using the name Rosebud to this day – and the mystery continues.

– M. Sally