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December 2015

The Science of Brewing and the Art of Beer

The Science of Brewing and the Art of Beer Prior to launch, the initial MSB team struggled to describe MSB’s brewing philosophy in ten words or less. After months of exchanging ideas and attempt after attempt, we finally got it: The science of brewing and the art of beer.™ Walt Whitman (yeah Walt [...]

The Mystery of Rosebud

The initial MSB team formed quite a while ago, but it wasn’t until the Fall of 2015 that the small initial team was able to sit at a table together within the walls of the Brewery. It was long overdue by that point and just a great feeling. We had an agenda, but the discussion [...]

A Couple of Key Early Moments

While feels like an eternity ago, our founder, Sean, engaged a consulting company about a year and a half ago to help develop our plan. Jim, Patrick, Joel, Paul and Steve were a huge help. Some events, though, stand out more than others. Joel’s expertise is market analysis. He had been a long-time big beer [...]

Brewery’s Beginning

About a year and a half ago, the first word of our business plan hit the page, but the inspiration for the Brewery came about nearly 25 years ago. Some of the best times in life are the moments shared with family and friends, old and new, over a glass of quality beer.  Our founder, [...]

November 2015

Our Logo

There were a few initial markers when we started to design the Mustang Sally Brewing Company logo. We wanted the logo to reflect our classic American culture and our brewing philosophy while staying away from any preconceived notions of a mustang or mustang sally.  We wanted the name Mustang Sally Brewing Company to stand on [...]