MSB’s production area occupies more than 10,400 square feet of our 14,400+ square foot facility.

The Brewery, in pictures:



The Brewery, by the numbers:

The Facility:

14,400+ square foot facility
4,000+ square foot tasting room
10,400+ square foot production area

Fun Fact: Our facility is about 1/3 of an acre big.

Production System:

30 barrel, 3-vessel centrally-controlled Newlands Systems brewhouse.

Fun Fact: We brew about 1,000 gallons per batch.

Cellar Capacity:

Approx. 6,000 barrels of initial production capacity.
Approx. 30,000 barrels of planned capacity.

Fun Fact: If a person drank a 6-pack a day out of one of our fermenters, it would take that person 9 years to finish one fermenters’ worth of beer.

Pilot System:

20 gallon Blichmann pilot brewhouse.
1 1/2 barrel pilot fermenters.

Cool Room:

1,100 square foot cool room.

Bottling Line:

Production rate of approximately 300 cases/day.