Mustang Sally Brewing Company

Mustang Sally Brewing Company (MSB) is an award winning production brewery located in Fairfax County, Virginia. Our more than 14,400 square foot facility is conveniently located near the intersection of Routes 28 and 50 in Chantilly, Virginia. We have an expansive 4,000 square foot tasting room within which we offer our core, seasonal, specialty IPA and limited release beers. Launched in early 2016, MSB is also widely distributed in draft and in bottles throughout the Northern Virginia area.

Our Philosophy: The science of brewing and the art of beer. We apply this balanced pursuit of perfection to every beer that we make. It’s also the inspiration for our logo. The King represents the science; the Queen, the art. The journey to make the best beer demands an appreciation for both. The blue represents our classic American culture. The gold represents the perfection with aspire to achieve. It is our privilege to make beer for you.

Our Staff: Our Head Brewer, Ryan Murphy got his start at Laguinitas and since led brewing operations at multiple independent craft breweries. Our General Manager, Dave Hennessey, was previously the Head Brewer of Old Dominion Brewing Company and a senior manager at Hop & Wine Beverage. Ryan and Dave each hold a Diploma from the Siebel Institute. Our Tasting Room Team is a terrific group of people that embody the craft culture. Our Founder, Sean Hunt, is a former corporate lawyer and engineer who finally realized a 25 year aspiration of launching MSB; he’s an American Brewers Guild grad.

Our Logo: There were a few initial markers that we wanted to design into our logo. We wanted the logo to reflect our classic American culture and our brewing philosophy while staying away from any preconceived notions of a mustang or mustang sally. We wanted the name Mustang Sally Brewing Company to stand on its own, to be associated with great beer and special times. It took a bit before we got it right.

Of course, the first iteration of our logo had a prominently centered large image of a rearing mustang. The thing is, we all liked it. It was a classic American look, with great colors and imagery. But, it wasn’t representative of MSB. It lacked purpose.

We went through a number of trials until we felt it was right:

The King represents the science; the Queen, the art; the Science of Brewing and the Art of BeerTM. We believe you need both to make a great glass of beer. Without the technical education, brewing experience and quality business practice, the art lacks credibility. But, without the culture, the people, the character and the willingness to take a step back and appreciate the work, the science lacks inspiration. By practicing and appreciating both (by joining them), we commit to brewing the best glass of beer possible for you. It is this journey to perfection, to create the best glass of beer, that we happily look forward to sharing with you every day.

The blue represents our classical American culture. The gold represents the perfection we are aspiring to achieve.

Come on out to see us! Thanks!